Quality assurance: quality inspection

Our standard of work is consistently appraised by the Architect in charge of a project on a continuous and regular basis before it is handed over to the client. In addition, every employee is quality conscious ensuring that the firm grows in strength over the years. 

Standards, Procedures and office systems:

OAK Architects has invested in office systems that contain documented procedures for each task that adhere to the following principles: 

business objectives and priorities 

  • Clearly defined technical strategy 
  • Clearly defined quality strategies 
  • The will and the resources to make it succeed 
  • The whole-hearted participation of the people who plan to stay in the company 
  • Design action plans that prioritize and focus on results – and track, track, track. 
  • The Deming cycle of ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ has been a useful aide-memoire and is fully utilized by OAK Architects. 

Some of the things implemented in the firm are: 

  • Quality plans 
  • Risk management plans 
  • Standardized time-sheets 
  • Requirements change request forms 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Customer sign-off forms for deliverable work-products or documents 
  • Post implementation reviews. 

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