Procurement Policy

The objective of this policy is to: 

  • To make procurement accessible to all by simplifying the process, and by encouraging fairness and transparency. 
  • To encourage greater competition in the procurement process through the creation of an enabling environment for small, medium and micro enterprises while retaining quality and standards. 
  • To encourage the concept of value-for-money in the procurement process and so help every client get true value for his money. 
  • To increase the volume of work available to the poor and enhance the income generation of marginalized sectors of society. 

OAK Architects’ Procurement Policy complements the macro-economic strategy and extends affirmative action into the area of economic development. 

OAK Architects’ simplification of tender procedures, information networks and documentation is aimed at removing barriers which prevent emerging businesses from competing freely for contracts. 

The tendering procedures located within our Affirmative Procurement Policy are: 

  • Simple, cost effective, quick and transparent 
  • Prevent corruption 
  • Contain no form of discrimination of any kind 
  • Finally, the policy is underpinned by strategies which provide: 
  • Flexibility 
  • Clarity 
  • Stimuli for good project management 
  • Empowerment for small, medium and micro enterprises to form and run their businesses in a vibrant fashion 
  • Monitoring procedures to ensure that measures taken to advance and protect disadvantaged persons and sectors of society are justifiable. 



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