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Company Policies

Procurement Policy

The objective of this policy is to: 

  • To make procurement accessible to all by simplifying the process, and by encouraging fairness and transparency. 
  • To encourage greater competition in the procurement process through the creation of an enabling environment for small, medium and micro enterprises while retaining quality and standards. 

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Environmental health and safety policy

OAK Architects is committed to conducting its firms operations in a responsible manner that protects the environment and ensures the safety and welfare of our associates, customers and neighbours. 

It is the policy of OAK Architects to: 

  • Meet or exceed compliance with applicable Environmental, Health & Safety laws, regulations and company policies. 

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Customer Service Policy

OAK Architects is committed to providing friendly, helpful customer service as well as the creative time managed design schedules. 

We achieve this by: 

  • Promoting a customer service leadership culture 
  • Consistently seeking to add value to our customers 
  • Managing our customers’ expectations to maximize satisfaction 

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Quality assurance: quality inspection

Our standard of work is consistently appraised by the Architect in charge of a project on a continuous and regular basis before it is handed over to the client. In addition, every employee is quality conscious ensuring that the firm grows in strength over the years. 

Standards, Procedures and office systems:

OAK Architects has invested in office systems that contain documented procedures for each task that adhere to the following principles: 

Read more: Quality assurance: quality inspection


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